Lumion Summer Competition

Students around the U.S. were eligible to compete in a very distinct competition. The rules were simple: choose a building of your liking, using a 3D software of your preference and Lumion, re-imagine it to see it changed in a drastic way. You could choose the materials, the location where it is built, or even the time.

Given these rules, I chose to work with the Milwaukee Museum of Art. This amazing building by Santiago Calatrava has been one of my favorite buildings for a long time. To change things up, I began building a model from scratch to see what it would look like if it had been constructed during the ancient Roman Empire.


I have always been fascinated with the ancient Roman Empire. Their advancements, their mysteries, their culture and of course their architecture. Having the option to transform an existing building and adapt it to match an ancient Roman building is no easy task. The rules for classical architecture may appear very straight forward, but in reality, they are very complex and hard to decipher.



During the modeling process, there was a lot of experimentation throughout the building to see where traces of roman architecture would be applicable. Elements such as the column orders or the ornamented frieze are classics that immediately suggest the type of building it is.

The pictures below show some locations where these traces have been implemented. It is through those details that the building truly begins to come alive and define its prescence among the main roman landmarks



The contest required all students to submit three images along with a 1 minute video, showcasing their design and idea. The video on the right is the clip submitted for the competition.