Catena 7 - Group Project



As part of a class project, myself and 6 more students designed and fabricated what we called the "Catena 7" model. 
We used a software called Grasshopper to help us simulated the catenary system that will hold this installation in place. The process began by digitally designing the surfaces that would serve as the canvas for a specific object to be placed below. After the surfaces were modeled we then proceeded to flow the object along that surface to create a complex shape. Multiple adjustments still had to be made in order to get a smooth finish and a continuous look.

A big part of the project was to collect enough funds in order to get all the material that would be needed. The team decided to create a kickstarter campaign. This website allows you to publish your design intent and invite people to financially support your idea in order for some sort of reward once the project is completed. We targeted to collect 1000 dollars and were able to get 1,600 from various supporters. As compensation, we provided posters, module pieces and even a scale model to a great contributor.



Polypropylene was used for the modules, these hang from steel cables that hang about 16 feet above the ground.
The project was installed in William Lamberts Design office. When not in exhibition, this beautiful art piece hangs inside the building, making itself apparent to anyone that walks inside the room.