“Common Plane” is a project that explores the concept of higher density. Maintaining a good quality living space while reducing the building footprint. 
This project consists of two buildings: 1 main house and an ADU (additional dwelling unit). The connection between the two buildings serves as a backbone for the site layout. The living spaces inside take advantage of big open spaces that face one of the main attractions of the project, the “common plane”. This outdoor space is shared between the two units and provides a great outdoor experience for the inhabitants.



existing photo 1.jpg
existing photo 3.jpg
existing photo 2.jpg
Site plan.jpg


process 1.jpg

These blocks represent the extent of the floor plate if one were to utilize the maximum allowable building footprint.

One of the main goals of the project is to minimize the amount of pervious surface that is covered by the building. The footprint is reduced so the living space is pushed up to accommodate all the basic amenities that you would expect to find in a home.

process 3.jpg

The two floor plates are pushed to opposite sides of the lot. Mainly to maximize the space in between them to transform it into a nice hangout area.
The circulation axis is maintained and the views from the inside looking into the other house are avoided.

process 4.jpg

A more defined massing model showing where the big glass openings are located and how the masses relate to each other.