CyFair ISD High School #11 is the biggest component of an "educational village", in addition to an on-going Junior High School and a future Elementary school, this multi-campus site has the ability to incorporate all of the buildings into one working facility and have them working as individual schools. This close connection with one another facilitates learning as the benefits of one building can be shared with the others.

I had the fortune to aid in the design development of this high school. This experience was unlike any other ones I had previously encountered. It required me to think in a scale so much bigger and with much more important consequences. Projects of this magnitude carry decisions through out thousands of square feet, which is why it was necessary to always investigate and consult very carefully.


Overall south elevation



For this complex, we used the concept of the waves created by a droplet. We envisioned one common space in the middle that could be used by all schools and then gradually as you move away you begin seeing the remaining components. Being: the Elementary School, then the Middle School and lastly the biggest component which would be the High School.



This diagram shows in great detail just how many different areas are created inside and outside of the "droplets". Paths are easy to understand, axis of symmetry can be found with respect the common radii center. The complex is also easily approachable from multiple locations, ensuring that the flow of people will always be optimized.



Even though the form is unusual for a building this magnitude, the symmetry and the organization is very apparent, providing a very cohesive layout.

Section with arrows.jpg

Natural light was greatly considered for this project. Given that the plan is based on a radial configuration, the classroom exposure towards the sun will vary as you move through the academic wing. This meant that borrowed light could provide for a great opportunity for all the classrooms to receive some light, regardless of where they sit in the plan